Who We Are

We are a family who loves to fish.

The Sears family has grown up on the South Shore of Massachusetts and has been fishing for generations. Our family is involved in all facets of the business. We run the busiest and largest "6 Pack" fishing charter company in the state, Mass Bay Guides. We also co-own and are partners in Elite Tackle Group, a tackle shop and manufacturing company in Plymouth, MA. 

Through interactions with friends, fellow fishermen, and clients, we have been fortunate enough to fish all around the world. We decided to create Elite Fishing Adventures to help share our passion and the excitement of fishing with others. We want people to have the opportunity to experience the best fishing destinations the world has to offer!

Capt. Bryan Sears

Bryan is the face of Elite Fishing Adventures. He has been coordinating fishing adventures for our clients for the past 10 years. His background in emergency preparedness makes his logistical skills incredible. He is 100% dedicated to making sure you, your friends, and/or your family have the trip of a lifetime.

Capt. Taylor Sears & Capt. Greg Sears

Taylor is the co-founder of Elite Tackle Group, one of the largest tackle manufacturing companies in the United States. Elite Tackle and its brands manufacture lure skirts, shell squid, lures, dredges, and custom tackle that is sold around the world! If you fish for pelagics using lures, there is a good chance at least one component of your tackle is made by Elite Tackle Group.

Captain Greg, or "OG" as we like to call him, is the founder and owner of Mass Bay Guides. He is also the captain of the FOR2NA. MBG is a multi-boat charter company based out of Scituate, MA, that takes clients fishing for tuna, sharks, striped bass, bluefish, and groundfish!